General Information

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Travelers with internationally recognized credit cards (such as VISA, American Express or MasterCard) can get cash at ATMs installed at banks, airports, major hotels, department stores, and train or bus stations. It should be noted that credit cards are not always accepted, particularly at smaller outlets.

Mobility in Bamberg

Bamberg has a dense network of inner-city regional bus lines. The current timetables and maps are available at all ticket kiosks, the service center at the ZOB bus station and the VGN website. In front of the conference hotel is the bus stop Bamberg Mußstraße

Business Hours

Business hours of most shops and stores are:
Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 20:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday: closed


Emergency Numbers

Fire brigade and emergency medical services: 112
Police: 110
Emergency numbers are free of charge and can be dialed even without a SIM card.


The standard power supply is 230 Volts, 50Hz.

Electrical sockets (outlets) in Germany are one of the two European standard electrical socket types: The “Type C” Europlug, the “Type E” and the “Type F” Schuko. If the plug of your appliances does not match the shape of these sockets, you will need a travel plug adapter.

Time Zone

The Central European Summer Time (CEST), which is 2 hours ahead of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), applies in Germany from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October.

Important Facts About Germany

A portal with up-to-date statistics, facts and information about Germany can be found here.