Satellite Workshop

A Tutorial on Acoustic Sensor Networks – From Theory to Practice

On Monday, May 17, 2021 a half-day workshop on acoustic sensor networks will be offered by the DFG-funded research group FOR 2457 Acoustic Sensor Networks. There are no registration fees, but please indicate your participation by ticking the corresponding box in the registration form for IWAENC 2020.

The goal of this tutorial is to introduce participants to the fascinating research field of acoustic sensor networks. Distributed acoustic sensing and signal processing offer improved opportunities for signal enhancement, localization, and classification. The focus of the tutorial will be on hands-on experience so that participants can start their own research once back home using the software that will be provided for download.

The tentative program is as follows:

13:00 Keynote Talk

Detection and Localization of Sound Events, Tuomas Virtanen, Tampere University

14:00 Overview Talk

Acoustic Sensor Networks: From Theory to Practice, Reinhold Häb-Umbach, University Paderborn

14:45 Hands-on Demo Session

The workshop participants get a hands-on introduction into various demonstrations:

  • Task distribution with Marvelo
  • Sampling clock synchronization
  • Acoustic node selection
  • Classification with privacy-preserving features
  • Acoustic event classification.

Software and documentation to run the demonstrations will be provided to the participants.

17:00 Closing

Further details will be announced in due time.